March 2011


The concept: a ceramic elephant allows individuals to store written mementos about loved ones throughout their lives, and at the time of death the elephant can be broken to release the memories back to the loved ones that were written about. In this way, when an individual passes away the retrieved memories and thoughts allow loved ones to reminisce on truly important and individual experiences.






When considering death, the meaning of life and its relationship with dying cannot be avoided. Death can be considered a conclusion or passing, the definitive answer cannot be known. Regardless, death marks the end of a temporal length and what is left behind after that period defines one's life and existence. The imprint left on the individuals who have yet to pass will ultimately be the signification of one's life.


In essence, the process of living is deeply meaningful for the surrounding individuals. In this way, the meaning of life resides with others whether loved or hated. Consequently, it is difficult to immortalize one's life after death in any one material or location as it is constituted by many different events, relationships and ideas. Any form of immortalization would be individual to the significant others and the process of death in general should allow for some form of closure.


Throughout life, one experiences many different relationships with others that shape them. Many of these moments are often important, sentimental and worth remembering for rest of their life. The concept can be considered a process for storing these moments and reminiscing them at the time of death.