July 2015

In collaboration with: Alexandra Hong, Jamie Kwan, Sara Udow


#StreetStoriesTO is a public art intervention and digital storytelling project aimed to develop dialogue between the people who use our streets.


Toronto’s streets are a place of conflict. We have become frustrated by poor transit, traffic congestion, and the dangers facing vulnerable road users. In short, we have lost sight of a way to share our streets in a sustainable way. How can we move toward a sense of equality for all road users?


Our City has already initiated a shift in our street culture with a proposed 10-year cycling network, new Complete Streets Guidelines, and an active transportation campaign. But a fundamental obstacle still exists: We aren't talking to each other.


#streetstoriesTO is a digital storytelling project designed to break down assumptions and pave the road for safer spaces. Through a series of temporary ‘story-pods,’ people at different parts of the City are encouraged to start conversations through transportation-related questions. The conversations are recorded and archived using the #streetstoriesTO app, encouraging the conversation to continue online.









1) A curious commuter enters the pod and is guided to dial a number.


2) If a passer-by walks past a ringing story-pod, they are invited to answer.


3) Prompts within the pods help connect participants and get the conversation flowing.


4) A mobile app allows people to see the locations of the story pods, and to listen to the archived stories and conversations. They are also encouraged to add their own thoughts to these stories.













The locations chosen reflect the diverse parts of the City and multiple modes of transportation including places with TTC access, parking lots, pedestrian access and cycling routes (Scarborough Town Centre, Fairview Mall, Sherway Gardens, Harborfront Centre at Queens Quay, Evergreen Brickworks to name a few) . The pods are mobile and can be relocated to different areas.






The dialogue can continue in the app where stories are recorded and the public can comment.








App Demo